Creative Portraits with Maddie: Hancock, Michigan

A friend of mine wanted me to help her learn about shooting in manual mode, so Emily and I took Maddie out for a creative session. She did an amazing job modeling for us! I know from experience that she's a fantastic personal trainer as, if you are in need of one!

We started out by the ruins across the road from the Quincy Mine. I actually had never been over there before! 

We inadvertently asked her to sit near an ant hill and pretty soon there were a couple of ants in her hair! 

We tried to go down to the Houghton waterfront, but as you can see, it was way too windy! 

So instead we went over to the Bookworm coffee shop, which has a rustic blue door. I'm so glad we did because these ended up being my favorite photos from the session. 

Those moments of laughter in between poses are ALWAYS my favorite shots. :) 

It's fun to grab cool angles when there are two people photographing one subject. 

The wind is my favorite accessory. <3

Maddie has the most gorgeous hair!

Thank you for modeling, Maddie! This has become one of my favorite sessions to date. :)