Tiura Family: Calumet, Michigan

Melanee Tiura and I knew each other from work and she asked if I would be able to take her family photos. Of course I agreed! We had so much fun and her family made me feel so welcome. They are such a joy filled family. :) 

Look at each other and laugh... Works every time! :) 

The Tiura's invited me to their family home, so we took photos in the yard and the field behind their house. 

Such a lovely couple. 

Childhood freedom. 

Golden sunset glow...

Always gotta get a silly face photo!

Momma and daughter. I love the grain in these images. 

I asked Melanee if I could practice a couple of headshots with her, as it was something I was going to have to do at work. I know traditional headshots aren't usually outdoors but I think they should be! :) 

Thank you Tiuras for having me take your family photos! You are a special family. <3