Winter Engagement: Stefany and Leo

Steffy and Leo are getting maaarrriiiieeeddd! I had a blast taking their engagement photos and I'm so looking forward to their wedding. We totally trespassed to get these pictures but nobody came to yell at us so I guess that's fine. :) 

Oh this next one still makes me laugh. I asked them to put their foreheads together so Steffy, in attempt to make Leo smile, pulled her head back and promptly clonked her forehead off of his. As you can see, it worked. :) 

I thought for sure I was going to drop this ring into the four foot deep snowbank and never be able to find it. Photographers worst nightmare! 

Racing back to the car. ;) 

Serious expressions are my jam. 

Funny story: Last weekend Stefany and I drove down to Chicago to explore the city, and Leo called her while we were on our way there. I could only hear Steffy's side of the conversation, and she says "No, I did not buy pepper spray!" That sure gave me the giggles. 

These two are so clearly meant to be together. Can't wait for their May wedding!