Abby: Hancock, Michigan Portraits

Abby and I graduated from high school together and continue to be classmates at Finlandia University. Abby is an incredibly talented artist, so we did a creative exchange. She painted my face and legs Alexa Meade style and in return I got to take photographs of her. 

It felt odd to have paint all over my face but the results were really cool! 

If you are interested in viewing more of Abby's work, visit her Facebook page, Gaileo Art. 

Those first three were iphone photos, so I apologize if they're a little fuzzy. Now, on to the photos I took of Abby!

Abby has a phonogram at her house. I decided I want one too. 

Creative portraits are my absolute favorite type of photographs to take. :) 


After shooting in Abby's really cool apartment, we went down by the canal for a few photos. 

Abby is sisters to the ever-talented Emma Tembreull of ET Images, so she is no stranger to the whole modeling thing. :) 

Nature is the best prop. 

Abby and I are going to have to collaborate again soon! :)