Taylor: Winter Portraits

I wanted to do a winter portrait session, so I messaged Taylor and asked if she'd be willing to work with me! She agreed and we braved the 6 degree blizzard weather to get all of these photos. Portraits are my absolute favorite! Sessions like these remind me why I love photography so much. Taylor and I also graduated together so we talked the whole time about college and how life has changed so much in such a short time! 

We drove up to the mine in South Range. I had done a family session here before but wanted to try individual portraits as well. 

On our way to South Range I spotted this road that looked like a winter wonderland, so on our way back we had to stop there. 

I am NOT a fan of winter but I sure love taking photos with all the snow! 

Trees and greenery are my favorite backdrop. The blue of this tree really made her eyes pop!

It was just starting to get dusk so we decided to go downtown and use the glow of the streetlights. I choose not to use flash in my photography because I don't like the blown out look. Instead I crank up the ISO in low light situations, resulting in a grainy look that I LOVE. 

Thanks for hanging out with me Taylor!