Lindsey and Kenyon: McLain State Park Wedding

Lindsey and Kenyon got married on July 30th at McLain State Park. It was a beautiful day and the sand was HOT!

It's funny how I was connected with Lindsey to shoot her wedding. Her and Kenyon are both talented ceramicists, and I actually knew of her from a show she did at Finlandia University. One day about two weeks prior to their wedding I was sitting at 5th and Elm, my absolute favorite coffee shop, and was called over by Lindsey and a co-worker (who are baristas there and know me as a regular customer) to ask if I was available! Of course I agreed, and I even got to trade a portion of my fee for a couple of Kenyon's ceramic mugs! You never know just how you'll be connected with clients, so take any networking opportunity you get. :) 

Now on to the images of their joyful wedding day. 

Lovely yet simple details.

I've noticed a bubble trend at the weddings I've shot or assisted with this past summer!

Just married!

Like I said, the sand was SO HOT! Kenyon was a gentleman and offered his bride a piggy back ride down to cool waters of Lake Superior!

Lindsey wore her mother's wedding dress from the 1970's... Love! 

And then up to the forest for a few more portraits.

The forest is my favorite place to take photos because I LOVE the dark green tones.

When I took them away from the crowd for a few moments, Lindsey and Kenyon commented on how nice it was to get away and relax with each other, even if it's just for a few minutes. I highly recommend that all couples do this! 

Back to their guests! 

Grandma's smile. :)

These little girls found both a butterfly and a miniature inchworm to take care of. 

This next one makes me sooooo happyyyyyy! :) It's my goal to capture as many in-between moments as I can, and this is easily one of my favorites I've ever been able to snap really quickly.

Signing the official documents!

Shelby Turnquist created this beautiful and delicious cake. 

First dances!

Thank you again, Lindsey and Kenyon, for having me take your wedding photos. 

Since both the bride and groom from this wedding are ceramicists, here are the links to their Facebook pages! To view Kenyon's work, click here. To view Lindsey's work, click here.