Everett: 9 Months Old!

Everett is such a cutie! He was so patient with me for a whole thirty minutes, which is a very long time when it comes to babies. Here are a few of my favorites from his nine month photo session. 

That mischievous look.. :) 

Everett's parents, Keith and Kara, were the first recipients of an Enna Jade Photography gift card! I'm so excited that I am able to offer these, as they make great gifts! 

Everett had to be cleaned up after playing on the train tracks by the Quincy Mine. We didn't realize there was grease all over the center track and it got everywhere!

A little poke in Mom's ear. :) 

Love that lens flare and filmy look! 

Such an adorable little family. May Everett continue to grow healthy and happy! He sure is a sweet little boy!